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The collection was assembled from three private collections, and, as varied and extensive as it is, it is also a work-in-progress. As we grow the collection, we also seek to enable the public to learn and connect with histories, and create an experience to uplift and inspire. This will be achieved through further online development, special events, educational and public programmes


As an independent archive your contribution helps build, source, preserve and make the materials accessible.

The future CELAFI'25 Archives will be a national resource dedicated to collecting, preserving, sharing, and celebrating the past, present, and future artistry of Canadian Black Artists. .The starter collection of original source materials anticipates it there will be future contribution to the collection that will constituting a permanent record of the cultural wealth of the Black Canadian experience made accessible to all for use by many communities, cultural and art researchers,creative and educational institutions


CELAFI'25 Archive will be a unique collection and welcoming space for all to learn, explore and engage.


Explore, view, share

CELAFI'25 digital archive will extends the life of this momentous event, with a gallery of artwork images and the associated essays, catalogues, artist biographies, and a chronology.


Do you know of an artist or event that was part of CELAFI 1992, and/or 1997 that should be included in the archive, or an artist whose art warranted participation but did not? Do you know of an artist whose career blossomed from the CELAFI experience? Tell us about the Black Canadian Artist in your provincial community whose art is making an impact now. Do you have materials from either CELAFI's that you would like to contribute to the archive? Do you have materials of the artistry that followed in the years after CELAFI?  Help us build a muscular multidisciplinary collection that showcase the Black Canadian Artist and Artistry then and now.


The physical location of CELAfi’25 Archive and Resource Library is envisioned as an education hub,  where Researchers, curators and students visit  onsite and book time with an archivist. CELAFI'25 programming will provides a range of primary source material from our extensive collections and a variety of other resources meant to encourage further research and knowledge exchange  


Both in-person and digital volunteer opportunities are available.

Volunteers should have an interest in archival science, information management, art administration, art history and cultural studies


Unable to visit the Archives

The vision is to  bring the Archives to your class

Schools and community centres will be able to book special presentations 

and workshops to enhance cultural and creative literacy


Your donations of time and resources will help to preserve and promote the contribution of Black Canadian art and artists; assist in ensuring accessibility of this unique archival collection; and support the development of cultural, educational and curatorial resources.

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