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This publication was a result of findings and the need for hands-on support, outreach and national representation coming out of CELAFI 1992 festival conference.

The call for information and materials, receive tremendous response with over 100 art agencies, organizations, corporations and individuals across the country contributing their time, skills and resources, In many cases went on to become partners of CELAFI 1997.


This manual represents the knowledge of a broad cross section of the arts community in Canada. From British Columbia to Quebec, Nova Scotia to Halifax, Saskatchewan to Alberta, we reached out and they came through with contacts referrals, introductions, materials and unanimous support for the goal and objectives of the manual and the “Artists Skills Development Seminar/Workshops.”

Editor: Marva Ollivierre

Pages: 468  

Size: 81/2 x 11inch

Publication produced 1994 by CAN:BAIA and Doe Eye Media

ISBN 0-969217-1-X

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