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CAN:BAIA Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 6 | No. 2 - SPRING 1997


Special preview to CELAFI Festival & Conference held in Toronto, ON, July 9 - 13, 1997.

Includes artists features, event listing of exhibitions and performances, call for submissions and more.

Cover: Artis Lane Comes Home

P5. Gerry Atwell’s Cool Manitoba Theatre

P5. Djanet Sears Sets Shakespeare Spinning

P8. Winnipeg singer heats up North Carolina 

P12. On Exhibit Donna (and Donald) Lee, Blinders by Michael Chambers and CAN:BAIA members Make Mayworks of Art

P16. CAN:BAIA Gallery features Montreal artist Marie-Denise Douyan

+ Preview of CELAFI Program - theatre, dance, music and film, Call for Submissions and more.

Copy Editor: Valerie Wint

Design Editor: 

Pages: 24 pages black & white

Text: English

Size: 8 1/2 X 11

Printed by Thompson Printing & Lithographing Ltd

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