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CAN:BAIA Bi-Monthly Newsletter

VOL. 1 | NO. 1 - SPRING/SUMMER 1989

CAN:BAIA's Inaugural Newsletter

Canadian Artists Network (Black Artists In Action) Origins and Background; CAN:BAIA Ad Hoc Committee (L to r): Glace Lawrence, Marva Jackson, Ayanna Black, Charles Gray, Karen Tyrell, David Zapparoli, Adrienne Shadd, Cameron Bailey, Hazel Da Breo, Chloe Onari; Absent: Janice Brangman, Vernon Eccles, Errol Nazareth, Yasmin Newson; NCA representatives visit Toronto; Preparations to attend NCA 31st Annual Convention in New Orleans; B.A.I.A bids for next conference with presentations ‘Toronto: A Portrait in Full Colour’ and ‘A Proud Past, A Promising Future’

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