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CELAFI'25 Collection consists of a range of catalogues, publications and resources.

The archive will expand and evolve as we continue to add to the collection. 

Select items from the following publications are available for preview.

CELAFI: Celebrating African Identity - July 1992

Published on the occasion of the first CELAFI Festival & Conference held in Toronto, ON, July 7 - 12, 1992 in conjunction CAN:BAIA and the 3rd National Conference Arts (NCA).

CELAFI 1992 Program Book Includes listing of exhibitions and performances and is available through the Toronto Reference Library

ISBN 0-9696-217-0-1

Creation Of an Africa Odyssey, CELAFI 1992

An experimental interdisciplinary exhibition that explores and speaks about the experience of black people in Canada. It looks at the way the creative expression of Black artists acquires a different overtone when presented within its "natural," interdisciplinary, multidimensional framework of an African based aesthetics.

Curator: Nkiru Nzegwu

Artists: Stan Douglas (Installation Film&Video artists, Vancouver) , Khadejha McCall (Multi-media fiber artists, Montreal), Roland Bastien (Installation performance artists, Montreal),  Grace Channer (Painter/Installation artists, Toronto), June Clarke-Greenberg (Visual Artists, Toronto), Ayann Black (Poet) and Neil Brathwaite (Saxophonist, Toronto)

Politics And Icons Of Representation - CELAFI 1992

A thematic exhibition that explores the use of African-inspired objects, textile, patterns, abstract design, calligraphy myths, and histories, in the works of artists of African Descent.

Curator: Nkiru Nzegwu


From Canada: Jim Adams (Painter), Dennis Awang (Stained Glass), Januario (painter), Caroline Piere-Jaques (ceramicists, Deyse Thomasos (painter) Winsom (textiles), Caslyle Mathew (mask)

From USA: Triune artists  - Huston Conwill (printmaking), Stell Majozo, (poes), and Jose[ph De Pasco (Architect) - Lewis Delsarte (painter), Napoleon Jones-Henderson (fiber artists), Jon Onye Lockard (painter), Valerie Maynard (sculpture/printmaker), Evangeline Montgomery (sculpture), Ademola Olugebefola (painter)

From Nigeria: Moyo Okediji (mud painting), Chnwe Uwatse (painter), Olu Omada


Featuring Canadian Writers of African Descent

Ayanna Black, Austin Clarke, George Elliott Clarke, Afua Cooper, Cyril Dabydeen, Nigel Darbaise, Cecil Foster, Norma De Haarte, Claire Harris, Lawrence Hill, Dany Laferriere, Rozena Maart, Molara Ogundipe-Leslie, Makeda Silvera, Fredrick Ward.


Editor Ayanna Black

This publication was produced by Harper Perennial a division of HarperCollins

Artists Proposal Development Seminar & Resource Manual

This publication was a result of findings and the need for hands-on support, outreach and national representation coming out of CELAFI 1992 festival conference.


The call for information and materials received tremendous response with over 100 art agencies, organizations, corporations and individuals across the country contributing their time, skills and resources, In many cases went on to become partners of CELAFI 1997.


This manual represents the knowledge of a broad cross section of the arts community in Canada. From British Columbia to Quebec, Nova Scotia to Halifax, Saskatchewan to Alberta, we reached out and they came through with contacts referrals, introductions, materials and unanimous support for the goal and objectives of the manual and the “Artists Skills Development Seminar/Workshops.”

Editor: Marva Ollivierre

Pages: 468  

Size: 81/2 x 11inch

Publication produced 1994 by CAN:BAIA and Doe Eye Media

ISBN 0-969217-1-X

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Revue Noire, African Contemporary Art: Issue 25 African Canada - July 1997

"Communities that assert a past in order to better root themsleves in the present are one of great paradoxes, As though unavoidable, to fill the haze, the gaping void of a country whose history remains to be written"

Simon Njami, 'Canada The Invention of Identity'  Revue Noire

"In urban metropolises, no-one is certain of their identity.  The borders of identity become obsolete, impossible to verify.  As the figure of modern exile, works of art bears witness to the role of migration and multicural education in the inner labour of creators who experience  double exeriorization"

Joel Des Rosiers, Haitian/Quebec Doctor and Poet -  'Foreign Lands'  Revue Noire

Africanadian Playwrights' Conference

This was the inaugural  gathering of the  First  AfriCanadian Playwrights Series presented in collaboration with Canadian Stage Company and Young People's Theatre programmed by multi-talented Djanet Sears (Actor, Writer, Director)

Emerging Into Spirit: SCULPTURES by ARTIS LANE

This exhibition was a prelude to the launch of CELAFI 1997 and a home-coming celebration for Artis Lane, to bookmark the historic inaugural exhibition of the first Black Canadian artist to exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum-Canadiana Gallery. 


Programmer/Curator: Marva Ollivierre

Essayist: Adrienne Shadd, Historian, Writer

Artist: Artis Lane, Sculptor

Transforming The Image: African Canadian Visions Entering The Millennium

The paradigm of this exhibition is that we must dispose of the stereotypical "ethnic art art" label that is and has been ascribe to art work from groups outside of Euro-Canada.  Though their heritage is rooted in other countries, the artists who have created the works in this exhibition are very much a part of Canada's history and cultural mosaic:

Curator: Rosalie Smith McCrea,

Curatorial Assistant:  Orla Garriques

Artists: Jim Adams (White Rock, BC), David Alexander (Stirling, Ontario), Buseje Bailey (Toronto, Ontario), Gordon Christopher (Calgary, Alberta), Michael Chambers (Toronto, Ontario),  Ormsby Ford (St. Lambert, Quebec), Ali Hosein Ottawa, Ontario), Roberta Huebene (Ottawa, Ontario), Artis Lane (Ruidoso, New Mexico - formerly North Buxton, Ontario), Carlyle Matthew (Port Coquitlam, BC), Llyod Pollard (Brampton, Ontario), Barbara Prezeau Stephenson (Port-au-Prince, Haiti - lives extensively in Montreal), Yvon Villaceaux (Ottawa, Ontario), David Zapparolli (Toronto, Ontario)

Traces Of Identity

In essence, Canada is emblematic of the notion of the New World, And Toronto, lying at the heart of this vast expanse, is surely the archetype of this mix, this cohabitation of people from five continents, with histories and trajectories that are sometime contradictory ... The self we seek is often a heterogeneous assemblage of images, cliches and memories.  A hallucinated concept of the world, of self and it environment.  The challenge of the artist is to create a richness from this chaos, ...  It is to that genius that the five photographers presented testify - excerpt from Traces of Identity Curatorial statement


Curator: Simon Njami

Artists: Pedro Alderete, Stella Fakiyesi, Serge Emmanuel Jongué, Kirk Moses and David Zapparoli, 

From the Street: New Visions for the Millennium

From The Street: New Vision for the Millennium represents a number of component of multi-faceted curatorial practice we consider essential in building dialogue on Canadian Art, culture and national identity. From the Street moves the dialogue closer, demanding awarness and appreciation for the contemporary African Canadian aesthetic.

Ingrid Mayrhofer, Programme Director, A Space Gallery

Curator: Rosalie Smith McCrea

Artists: Rose-Ann Bailey, Neville Clark, Chrystal Clements, Leslie Coleman, Jeff Gibson, Daniel "Keniko' Ivic, Sherman Jones, Melinda Mollineaux, Nicole Pena, Amir Shingray and Shawn Skeir

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WORD UP (​Vol. 1 | No. 1 - SPRING/SUMMER 1989)

CAN:BAIA's Inaugural Newsletter

Canadian Artists Network (Black Artists In Action) Origins and Background; CAN: BAIA Ad Hoc Committee (L to r): Glace Lawrence, Marva Jackson, Ayanna Black, Charles Gray, Karen Tyrell, David Zapparoli, Adrienne Shadd, Cameron Bailey, Hazel Da Breo, Chloe Onari; Absent: Janice Brangman, Vernon Eccles, Errol Nazareth, Yasmin Newson; NCA representatives visit Toronto; Preparations to attend NCA 31st Annual Convention in New Orleans; B.A.I.A bids for next conference with presentations ‘Toronto: A Portrait in Full Colour’ and ‘A Proud Past, A Promising Future’

WORD UP (Vol. 6 | No.1 - Winter 1997)

Cov. Mairuth Sarsfield Launches First Novel; P5. Diving into Dance Immersion- Adrienne Shadd on Black Canadian dance; P10. On the shelves; P11. Did you know – Interesting facts about Black Canadian art history; P12. Taxing the Talent tips on claiming yourself as a self employed artist; P16 CAN:BAIA Gallery features Nova Scotia artist Chrystal Clements + Grant deadlines and more.

WORD UP (Vol. 6 | No.2 - Spring 1997)

Cov. Artis Lane Comes Home; P5. Gerry Atwell’s Cool Manitoba Theatre P5. Djanet Sears Sets Shakespeare Spinning; P8. Winnipeg singer heats up North Carolina; P12. On Exhibit Donna (an Donald) Lee, Blinders by Michael Chambers and CAN:BAIA members Make Mayworks of Art; P16. CAN:BAIA Gallery features Montreal artist Marie-Denise Douyan + Preview of CELAFI Program -theatre, dance, music and film, Call for Submissions and more.

WORD UP (Vol. 6 | No.4 - Winter 1998)

Cov. Sherman Jones & Black Paint Studio; P5. Music - The Vital Vernon Banton P5. Film - Glace Lawrence booked to 2000 by Dahlia Thompson; P8. Design - The Little Black Dress – a feature on CAN:BAIA’s most fashionable members; P14. Dance – Black History Month in Motion; P12. On The Shelves River Where Blood is Born by Sandra-Jackson-Opoku and Kinfolks by Kristen Hunter Lattany; P16 CAN:BAIA Gallery features Ontario artist Buseje Bailey + CELAFI’s Revue Noire: Canada Edition on Sale and more.


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FIREWEED (​Issue 58 - SUMMER 1997)

A feminist quarterly of writing, politics, arts & culture.

Cover Feature Artist: Marie-Denise Douyon

FIREWEED (Issue 64 - Winter 1998)

A feminist quarterly of writing, politics, arts & culture.

Artist feature: Donna-Lee Bolden


Pig Tails 'n Breadfruit: Rituals of Slave Food - A Barbadian Memoir

Austin Clarke combines recipes with further memories of his years in Barbados.

Cover artwork by artist Sherman Jones

Hardcover 250 pages

Published by Random House of Canada 1999

ISBN 0-679-30956-X



The African photographers reference-book

African photographers precursors, studio photography, time of independences, official agencies, discovery of freedom and reality, aesthetic photography, photography of the Diaspora in Caribbean, Brazil, USA and Europe and Canada.

Canadian Section 

Contributor: Orla La-Wayne Garriques

Photographers: Rose-Ann Marie Bailey, Serge Emmanuel Jongué, David Zapparoli, Stella Fakiyesi 


Editors Jean Loup Pivin, Pascal Martin Saint Leon

200 portfolios of African photographers through 500 B&W and colors photographs

Essays by 35 photo specialists

Pages: 432 pages - Hardcover

Size: 24×32 cm

Published in1999


3 published editions: 

English Version (ISBN 2 909571 491)

French Version (ISBN 2 909571 300 - EAN 978 2 909571 300)

Portuguese Version (ISBN 2 909571 432) 

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